I am an amateur photographer (self-taught) living in the beautiful eucalypt forest of the Dandenong Ranges, 35km east of Melbourne, Australia. I share this patch of paradise with my wife Jo, a son and two daughters and a trio of canines. My  interest in photography started in the late 70's when I was in my early twenties. I bought a 35mm SLR and as a keen walker, climber and skier, started recording my adventures. Since 2013, the majority of my photography has been captured on digital cameras.



I was born in southwest England to Scottish (Dad) and French (Mum) parents and moved to Australia when I was seven. I've always had a number of obsessions: adventure sport, music, literature and visual art, and I've been singing and playing a variety of instruments from an early age.

I left school almost the day I turned 15 and spent the next 11 years travelling around the planet, indulging my passion for adventure sport. By the age of 24, I'd decided to remain in the mountains, become a mountaineering guide and complete formal photographic training. I was smart enough to know that both of those professions were more about lifestyle and fun than making money, but as often happens in life, those dreams were shelved when my mum suggested I look into a degree in Physiotherapy. As an undergraduate, I met the love of my life, a Principal Ballerina with the Australian Ballet Company: we married in January 1985.

After many years as a Physiotherapist working in local, national and international sport, I'm still passionate about photography. I never did get around to that formal photography qualification, but I have tried to improve my knowledge and ability by reading, through friendships and collaboration with other photographers, both amateur and professional. Day and weekend courses are of great value and I highly recommend these for aspiring 'Togs. There is always more to learn.


Sony a7r 

Sony's wonderful 36.4 megapixel, full-frame, mirrorless camera allows me to use my precious old Zuiko (Olympus) prime lenses as well as an array of other high-quality glass.

Sony SLT-a77

24.3 megapixel, APS-C crop sensor, shoots 12 frames per second and great for sports action.

Olympus OM1 35mm SLR.

I believe the absence of automatic settings was critical in teaching me the essential basics of focus, exposure, film speed, focal length and aperture and the relationships between these. This old camera still gets an outing occasionally.